30 June 2007

BinHex 4.0 Error Message

So my closest friend in this state (aside from my spouse, of course) happens to be a minister. He emailed me a copy of his sermon that he's delivering tomorrow, and when I attempted to open it, I got an error: "Must be converted to BinHex4.0."

After a little research I established the following: that BinHex4.0 is an old Mac OS convention for binary files, and I needed a plug-in to read it. After some searching I found a freeware plugin that I installed. To save myself some effort, just follow the link below and you'll see the instructions. After installation, you need to reboot the computer for it to work. When you have a file that appears in unreadable Martian, you close it, rightclick the file, and select the "Decode" option (see figure). It creates a decoded file instantly.
RELEVANT LINKS: Funduc Software Decode Shell Extension;

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