28 September 2005

A Farewell

When I first set up this weblog I included in the links another weblog called "Slowbiz" because it included articles that actually reflected on the philosophical significance of new technologies. Here's an extract from one of them:
I was overjoyed to discover (thanks to Elsie Maio) that someone has extended the Slow concept to money; and to the concept of capital, no less. Woody Tasch's piece on Slow Money argues that the venture capital space needs a more appropriate way to think about the potential returns of investments in sustainable and renewable industries.

Equally interesting is the Investor's Circle, of which Tasch is CEO, which is a venture capital fund which puts the "slow money" where its mouth is.

Since 1992, Investor's Circle has been providing start-up capital to ventures in the fields of renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, organic food businesses and other "green"-oriented businesses.

While Tasch has specifically presented the idea of slow money in the context of funding food businesses which do not fit the "fast" returns of traditional venture capital investment, it is easy to extend his argument that investment needs to be context sensitive to the notion that both captital and profit need to be conceived more broadly.

We need a notion that ties together investment capital, human capital, intellectual capital and social capital, not as separate goods, but as interwoven strands of a stronger conception of "return on investment". Slow Money seems like great a place to start.

I was interested in this especially since the author is an entrepreneur, and his views on the normative future of capitalism is worth some respect.

I'd like to address the topic of this essay in a wee bit. However, since this blog was last updated in May, I'm removing it from the sidebar.


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