20 April 2008

Samsung Patents Visual Gesture Control

 Via Textually: √úbergizmo

One personal tic of mine is that I gesture a lot when I speak.  It's a bit amusing to watch my father do this on the phone (I do too, but if I'm self-conscious I naturally won't).  My wife gestures a little bit, and not at all on the phone.  Recently Samsung developed the ability to take commands via hand gestures on future phones, which will no doubt revolutionize the way people talk on cell phones.
Samsung Patents Visual Gesture Control
As you can see, the gestures are mainly for textual use of the phone, so arguably people won't be doing this when talking unless they get used to talking while shuffling through files--Oh, for Potato's sake, of course they will!

This is one way in which the boundary between oral (telephone) calls and letters (emails) will be further blurred.

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